Installation Instructions

Get sources from Sourceforge

  • Either from the Subversion repository:
svn co libxine-java


For the AWT/Swing version:


Or, with support for SWT:

 ./configure --with-swt-jar=path/to/your/swt.jar 

Compile and install

sudo make install 

Test with AWT Player

Run the example:

 java -cp build Player {VideoFile} 

Key controls: ' ' pause, 'f' toggle fullscreen, 'q' quit

Test minimal SWT example

Run the example:

 java -cp build:path/to/your/swt.jar MuXineSWT {VideoFile} 

Mac OS X users: Don't forget to add -XstartOnFirstThread to the Java invocation (as needed for all SWT apps).

NOTE: if you get an error on linux saying:
Locking assertion failure. Backtrace:
#0 /usr/lib/ [0xb5c10767]
#1 /usr/lib/
you can try to tell XCB to ignore it by: