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What is xine?

"xine is a free (GPL-licensed) high-performance, portable and reusable multimedia playback engine. It plays back CDs, DVDs, and VCDs. It also decodes multimedia files like AVI, MOV, WMV, and MP3 from local disk drives, and displays multimedia streamed over the Internet. It interprets many of the most common multimedia formats available - and some of the most uncommon formats, too." (from xinehq.de)
It is a shared library with an easy to use, yet powerful API that is used by many applications for smooth video playback. Read more about xine's features.

What is libxine-java?

libxine-java is a Java interface for the xine multimedia player library. It allows to play all media supported in xine by your Java application. A canvas object allows to directly integrate video playback in GUI applications and also in Fullscreen mode. It is provided under the same GPL-license as xine itself.

Which Java Windowing Toolkits does libxine-java support?

With the latest 0.7.0 release, libxine-java supports all major Windowing Toolkits: AWT and Swing from Sun and Eclipse's SWT for the Linux/GTK+ and the Mac OS X/Carbon platforms.

Which operating systems does libxine-java support?

Currently, libxine-java supports Linux and Mac OS X. A first xine-lib on windows version is working now. With this, work on libxine-java on Windows has started.

How does libxine-java compare to the Java Media Framework (JMF), the Freedom for Media in Java project or the Java interface to the gstreamer framework ?

Most importantly, libxine-java plays all modern media formats (by courtesy of xine) and provides a simple and elegant interface to control media playback.
In contrast to the pure playback of media by libxine-java, both the Java Media Framework and GStreamer-Java provide powerful frameworks to ".. capture, playback, stream, and transcode multiple media formats .. " In case you didn't notice, the latest JMF release from Sun (May 2003) plays MP3s and MPEG1 video (MPEG1 not on Mac OS X) but no DVDs, MPEG2, MPEG4 or other common formats.
If all you need is playback of music (including the cool GOOM visualizer) or video, libxine-java might be your perfect solution.